Daily Bulletin

District Office Bulletin for Saturday, February 22, 2020

Student Absences 2/21/2020 ELEM - JR/SR HIGH Absent: Wyatt Platt, Mason Johnson, Eli Pistulka, Graiden Ritner, Lane Lieb, Logan & Dax Knaus, Lil Pistulka, Trevor Young, Mariah Chamberlin, Nathan Braddy, Kamden Axtell, Christian Penny arriving mid-morning, Evan Blank leaving at 11:45 Tardies: UPPER ELEM Absent Landin Braddy, Indigo Adams, Landon Lienemann leaving @ 11:35, Sutton Strong leaving @ 11:00 Tardies:

SUBS: 2-21-2020: Tom Bisbee/Mr. Eberhardt, Charles Larson/Mr. Trausch, Nancy Larson/Mrs. Hohensee, 2-24-2020: Cheryl Strolberg/Miss Martin, Julie Tarr/Mr. Trausch a.m., 2-25-2020: Miriam Mietzner/Mrs. Myers, Julie Tarr/Mrs. Winz, Taylor Haight/Mrs. Lovin, Marilyn Hays/Mrs. Maul, Erin Porter/Mrs. Swedberg, 2-26-2020: Julie Tarr/Mrs. Winz, Rick Jeffery/Mrs. Myers, Kirsten Deaken/Mrs. Gruwell, Miriam Mietzner/Mrs. Sheen, Cover with in/Mr. Whipkey p.m., Taylor Haight/Mrs. Lovin, Bob Hays/Miss Martin, Tom Bisbee/Mrs. Faimon, Marilyn Hays/Mrs. Maul, Erin Porter/Mrs. Swedberg, 2-27-2020: Julie Tarr/Mr. Trausch, 2-28-2020: Julie Tarr/Mr. Trausch

Lunch Rotation HS/JH LUNCH ROTATION FOR THIS WEEK: 1st bell: 9th & 10th | 2nd bell: 11th & 12th | 3rd bell: 7th| 4th bell: 8th

Pennies for Patients Point standings as of noon Friday 2/21 in the 7-12 penny war: 7th Gr. 2222 | 8th Gr. 1554 | 10th Gr. 830 | 12th Gr. 527 | 9th Gr. 480 | 11th Gr. 33. Students have until the 28th to contribute to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation and change these totals. Any team can still win if they remember that pennies and bills add to the total points in a container and silver coins subtract points.

2019-2020 Yearbook Orders See Mrs. Lambert to order a yearbook for $40 and receive a bag of M&M's.

Saturday, February 22 State Wrestling finals at Omaha | Boys Basketball with Harvard at Wilcox JV 5:00 p.m. V 6:15 p.m. | Senior night for Cheerleaders and Boys Basketball.

Monday, February 24 Happy Birthday today to Elsie Donley! | Today's Lunch Menu: A. Chicken Nuggets B. PB&J | Breakfast Tuesday: PB, Apples & Graham Crackers | This is FFA Week.

Tuesday, February 25 Happy Birthday today to Jakob Dye and Kamden Axtell! | Today's Lunch Menu: A. Beef Enchilada B. PB&J | Breakfast Wednesday: Biscuits & Gravy | National Honor Society meeting during lunch | FBLA meeting during lunch | HS Quiz Bowl practice during lunch | Boys Basketball D2-9 Subdistrict at Southern Valley: Wilcox-Hildreth vs Loomis at 5:30 p.m.

Wednesday, February 26 Today's Lunch Menu: A. Ham Zombies B. PB&J | Breakfast Thursday: Scrambled eggs | FKC Speech at Elwood 8:00 a.m.

Thursday, February 27 Today's Lunch Menu: A. Spaghetti Bar B. PB&J | Breakfast Friday: Muffins | .75 ice cream treats | JH Quiz Bowl practice during lunch | Boys Basketball D@-9 Subdistricts at Southern Valley 6:30 p.m. |

Friday, February 8 Happy Birthday Sunday to Kyler Masters! | Today's Lunch Menu: A Macaroni & Cheese B. PB&J | Breakfast Monday: French Toast Sticks | FBLA Ribbon Activity deadline is today| Student Council meeting during lunch | Retirement Celebration for Wayne Schepler in old gym 7:00 p.m.

Saturday, February 29 Speech at Holdrege 8:00 a.m. | Boys Basketball Subdistrict Finals

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