Daily Bulletin

District Office Bulletin for Monday, March 01, 2021

Lunch Rotation This week's lunch rotation is 9 & 10 | 11 & 12 | 7 | 8

Students who are Absent & Tardy 3/1/21. | EL Absent: Parker & Kolt Johnson, Payton Connot | Upper EL Absent: Kip & Kaleb Johnson, Mataley Anderson, Elsie Donley, Maddie Mulinde Leave @ ? Upper EL Tardy: | 7-12 Absent:. Marissa Anderson, Grayson & Gavin Sheen, Logan Knaus arrived at 9:15, Brianna Alloway arriving at 9:00, Kim Scarrow arriving mid-morning, Jacob Beck, Gavin Wilson, 7-12 Tardy Emma Donley, Harvey Beck, Rylee Hursh, Creed Johnson, Triston Nicks, Christian Penny, 7-12 Leaving Early. Brooke Casper leaving at 2:00,

Subs: 3/1/2021 - 3/4/2021: Julie Tarr/Mrs. Sheen 3/1/2021: Tonya Bunger p.m./Mrs. Stratman p.m., 3/3/2021: No sub/Mrs. Stratman a.m. only, Grace Black/Mr. Whipkey, 3/4/2021: Grace Black/Mr. Whipkey, Logan Simmerman/Mr. Jordan Glenn,3/8/2021: Tonya Bunger/Ms. Hance, 3/10/2021: Grace Black p.m/Mrs. Lunsford p.m., Julie Tarr p.m./Miss Kosmicki p.m., April Williams/Mrs. Faimon, 3/11/2021: Julie Tarr/Mrs. Soneson,

3rd Quarter Late Work A reminder to students that all 3rd quarter late work assignments must be handed in by the end of the day on Thursday, March 4.

Monday, March 1 Happy Birthday today to Kyler Masters! | Today's Lunch Menu: A. Pulled BBQ Pork on Bun B. PB&J | Breakfast Tuesday: Biscuits and Gravy | FBLA Puffin Orders and Ribbon Activity deadlines are today.

Tuesday, March 2 Today's Lunch Menu: A. Pigs in a Blanket B. PB&J | Breakfast Wednesday: Bosco Breakfast Stix | Today is Read Across America Day! | 7th gr. guidance in art room during access period | Jr. High quiz bowl practice in FCS room during lunch

Wednesday, March 3 Today's Lunch Menu: Beef in Schools A. Nacho Day B. PB&J | Breakfast Thursday: Breakfast Burrito | Girls State Basketball Tournament starts today in Lincoln | High School quiz bowl practice in FCS room during lunch

Thursday, March 4 Happy Birthday today to Ariyah Cates, Aubree Overholser, and Madison Bunger! | Today's Lunch Menu: A. Meatball Bowl B. PB&J | Breakfast Monday: Breakfast on a Stick | Girls State Basketball tournament continues in Lincoln

Friday, March 5th NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

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